I Am Journal


  • How do I use the journal?

    The suggested ideal use of the journal is for it to be part of your morning routine. First thing in the morning when you wake up, set the intention and express gratitude with your given daily affirmation by adding the journal to your morning routine.

    There is a total of 52 life changing affirmations in the journal, each affirmation is to be followed for 1 week, the five lines under each affirmation are for you to follow through by writing the affirmation with the gold pen, as you repeat it (either in your head or out loud), the latter is recommended. By repeating it out loud you declare it into the universe.

    End your affirmation by declaring the last line on each page “I am grateful for …” Overall, being grateful for anything in life as if you already have it, is part of manifesting your wildest dreams & desires.

    Each week follow the new affirmation until you’ve gone through all of them and finished with the journal. This has been part of my morning routine for over three years and going.

  • Must I start on the first page of affirmations?

    You can start on any page your heart desires, the journal was created so you follow through from page 1 to page 365, however, if you’re having a week where one of the affirmations resonates more with how you feel, you can pick and choose which one to do for the week.

  • Can I use a different pen as I write my affirmations?

    Of course! You can abso-freaking-lutely use any pen you desire. However, the journal was created to feel, look and induce emotions of opulence & wealth, seeing as both white and gold fall in line with abundance. But if you have another favourite pen, it is a ok! What’s important is that you dedicate a couple of minutes daily to write down the affirmations.

  • Does the journal need to be part of my morning routine?

    The journal can be part of YOUR routine, whatever that might be. Whether morning, evening, midday … personally and what has worked for me and many people is having a daily routine where I start the day off by setting my intentions, but there is no right or wrong time as to when you’d like to do that.

  • What if I don’t love one of the affirmations, can I cross it off and write my own?

    Absolutely! Although each affirmation was chosen carefully, if there is one that you do not connect with, you can cross it off and write whatever I AM you desire. For example, you can cross off “I AM Joyous” and replace it with “I AM a world traveller". If that is important to you, to travel more, and you want to speak it into fruition, you can absolutely do that.

  • Is there any mention of God/Religion in the journal?

    There is no mention of god or religion in the journal.

  • What is your shipping policy?

    Here at I AM Journal, we wanted to make sure that every woman in the world has access to our products, we believe that everyone should have a daily tool to help people see themselves in the best light possible and help us look and feel like the queens we all are within ourselves.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been disappointed when finding a product I love, to learn that the company does not ship to my country or they charge ludicrous shipping costs.

    So we’ve partnered up with Chit Chats Shipping, to make this dream come true. With Chit Chats International we can ship untracked packages worldwide, https://chitchats.com/en - for more information.

    Here is our average shipping times.

    Canada/USA - 3-5 days
    Europe 4-5 weeks
    Australia/NZ 4-6 weeks
    South Africa 4-6 weeks
    Asia/South Pacific 4-5 weeks

    *We are not responsible for any duty or taxes.

  • How do I order wholesale?

    For wholesale or any other inquiries please contact us at manifest@iamthejournal.com