I Am Journal


A daily self love tool for humanity, to help you design and manifest your best life #youcanhaveitall.

Hi beautiful souls. My name is Fabiola and I am the creator of the I AM journal.

A few years ago I decided to turn my passion for style into a career, so I launched my own styling company, Fab Styling Services. During that time, I heard many of my clients (mainly women) talk about themselves. It was never positive. They’d often talk about what they did not like about themselves, especially their body. I heard beautiful women say “I am not good enough to pull this off, not smart enough to look this smart, not fit enough to show my arms, not bold enough to wear this bright & confident dress, I hate my tummy, I hate my thighs ...” and so on. I was dying to hear something positive come out of their mouth. I was working with women that seemed to have it all, looked and were absolutely gorgeous. They had everything one would want, but the unconditional love for themselves.

After years of witnessing this, I wanted to help! I wanted a solution. One that I know works!

I wanted for these women to see themselves as the beautiful souls they all are. I wanted to help them see themselves the way I saw them. So I decided to create a journal that helps them plant the seed for self love. I wanted to create a journal that looked opulent and like a bundle of wealth in your hands, something with a purpose and guidance on writing nothing but positive I AM’s about yourself!

Everything that has followed my I AM’s is what has shown up in my life. Just like a seed, everything you plant in your head, write down and say out loud is what’s going to grow and become in your life. You will only get a rose garden if you plant roses, the brain, works the same way. You will see yourself as capable, gorgeous, fit, worthy … only if you tell yourself those words. Only if your I AM’s are followed by those positive words. How we start our morning sets the tone for the entire day, I know in my heart (and I have tried and tested it) that nothing but greatness will come out of this new & simple ritual of daily affirmations & gratitude. I have been able to manifest the life of my dreams, travels, my fantastic soul partner, a closet full of everything I’ve ever wanted, enough money & freedom to do whatever my heart desires, and most importantly, unconditional self love.

“It is not happy people that are grateful, but it is grateful people that are happy.”

Everything in the I AM journal is intended to be the seed of your most successful, healthiest, abundant, radiant, full of love, gorgeous life!

This is not your typical journal where you write your thoughts each morning, this is intended to be a tool for creating all that you’ve ever wanted, a tool for seeing yourself as the worthy and capable woman that you already ARE! Repetition is key with this journal. The more we do something, the better we get at it.

All of the uplifting affirmations have been carefully chosen with the purest intent of wanting to help you feel phenomenal about yourself and your life. With the I AM journal, it only takes a couple minutes to start your morning on a high vibrational frequency by affirming and showing gratefulness for all the beautiful and magical things that you are. It is just a matter of time for you to align yourself with everything that you want, your dream career, your soulmate, a beautiful home, even those designer shoes you’ve been eyeing for a while (UH HUH! I’ve manifested many pairs of shoes in my life)!

The I AM journal is your tool to get there.

Nothing fills my heart more knowing I made a difference even if only in one person’s life. That is my mission with this life changing tool, to make a difference in your life in the most positive and radiant way possible.

Much love, Fabiola