I Am Journal

The Best Time To Journal

Hello, beautiful darlings!

It’s only a few days away from the new year, and I know many of us like starting new healthy habits and resolutions. Now, while I am not a resolutioner, I’m more of a ‘start doing what you want to do at any day of the year type-thing” I am in full support of anyone that wishes to start their year off on the right foot. Whether it’s on January 1st. A random Tuesday or any day!

For those of you looking to journal more, I am here to help. I often get asked when the best time to journal is. Well, I have two answers.

Realistically, there isn’t one, because our lives are not all the same. That is answer #1.

Buuuuut if we want to get real science-y, then there most definitely is a best time to do affirmations & gratitude.

In my many years of journaling, before I even made it a business, I did it at all times, whenever I had the time, and no matter what - my favourite time to write in it was in the morning. There is a reason for that …

Mornings are best because it is right BEFORE YOUR MIND IS ATTACKED. Right before it’s attacked with daily chores, work and simple tasks that are part of being a human.

It is in the first few moments of consciousness, before the day hits you, that your brain is the most open to information. It’s like a sponge, it will take in anything you feed it.

As soon as you wake up, feed your mind affirmations and you’ll soon see the positive benefit of it. Which is, increased confidence, feelings of worth, sexiness, joy …

Honey, you will feel better, Periodt!

The second best time?

The time right before we go to bed. Which is why we placed the ‘gratitude writing lines’ in the book, right at the end.

Because ending your day with gratitude right before your subconscious takes over is the perfect moment to start attracting.

You’re dozing off saying what you’re grateful about, the brain is in the middle of the hypnagogia state AKA the perfect manifesting hour.

And we know well that gratefulness = manifesting!

Gratefulness right before dozing off creates a sense of calm and happiness. And that’s science, honey.

Writing down what you’re grateful for creates feelings of gratitude, which directly activate brain regions associated with the neurotransmitter dopamine. Again, science 🧪 🧫!

Now that you know, I trust you’ll take a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes before bed, to  in your I AM .

Happy Holidays and I can’t wait to connect with you in the New Year!

Fabiola & Daniel