I Am Journal

How to make peace with your bills

Hey beautiful babes! Happy, happy New Year to my beautiful community that is YOU! I am so happy that I get to start the year off by sharing my thoughts on a haute topic! Paying bills.

I know many of us truly dislike it when money goes out of the pocket. But hear me out! Personally, I think it is all worth it!

Today I felt freezing cold. Like, freezing. Could not get rid of the goosebumps on my legs. So I decided to take a very long shower to warm myself up.

I was probably standing under hot water for a good 20 minutes.

I was standing there grinning ear to ear with how blessed I am that when I feel cold, I have a hot shower to go home to. I have the ability to warm up in different ways, and most Importantly, I was grateful for my electricity bill because it brings me this hot water I was able to enjoy.

Paying bills is a sign of a good life. In fact, the higher the bill, the more I love it. It means I’ve utilized all the abundance that the world has to offer.

The higher my taxes, the more I’ve made! I have no desire to look at it as the government of the country I live in, is ripping me off. In my books, that’s playing victim! Especially when I have the ability of living in many different countries and I am making a  conscious choice to live in the one with high taxes.

Each month I am grateful to pay my bills because as I always say, money is just energy, it’s just an exchange of service.

The more bills I have the more blessings I have. If I have a car payment it means I have a car.

If I have a mortgage, it means I own a place. These are all choices we make but often forget, so we end up complaining about how high our car payments are and how expensive life is. Try looking at bills as blessings from now on and watch your perception about everything you are paying for, turn into feelings of gratitude.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, yeah right, some entitled spoiled girl sitting behind the screen is gonna tell me to be grateful about bills.

Well, as someone that grew up without electricity for most of my life, without even enough cold water to do the dishes (none the less warm) and lived in a home where we utilized the bathroom as both, a bathroom AND a kitchen, then yes, yes, I am able to spread the power of gratefulness because I’ve experienced first hand the best of both worlds.

And even if I hadn’t experienced both, someone doesn’t necessarily need to go through anything difficult to practice gratefulness. I had it great then and I have it even better now.

Each and every time you pay a bill, instead of resentment say this out loud “thank you for the …”

For example, say you’re paying thew electricity bill, you could say “Thank you for the electricity I get to enjoy daily and the amazing meals I create because of it”

Credit Card Bill - “Thank you for the beautiful shoes, and all the extra items I bought that made my life so easy and enjoyable.”

You get the gist. Find a reason to make it worth while for this exchange of energy. Overall, money is an exchange of energy, so put it out into the universe that even something such as paying bills, is a positive exchange.

That way, the universe will give you even better experiences.

Remember most obstacles are only obstacles because we view them as that. They can be pleasantries that are worth every penny in our life. And paying bills is no exception to that.