I Am Journal

Couples That Manifest Together

Couples That Manifest Together

We have some amazing news we’ve been wanting to share with you!


As you may already know, if you follow us on Social media, we have launched a product we’ve been pouring our hearts and love into, the Masculine I AM Journal.


We created this journal with all of you babes in mind, because, I will be completely transparent here with the fact that 98% of our audience is female. And you told us things …


You told us that you’d like for your partner to get on board with positive thinking, high vibing, change their mindset for the better, build healthy habits and overall share a healthy daily habit with you. Cha Ching!


And so we created the I AM Masculine Journal with all this in mind.

Couples That Manifest Together

I AM Masculine is a 90 days starter journal to get your partner used to daily healthy habits and affirmations for different areas of life; career, love, health and overall confidence, etc.

You can now get both, I AM Feminine and I AM Masculine here


*Although this is called “Masculine I AM” we are speaking on an energetic level and not gender level. We welcome anyone, of any gender to start their day with the Masculine I AM Journal.


Love, light, and all the manifesting power,


Fabiola & Daniel